We will deliver our Alsation speciality to your customers – no matter where you are

Tarte flam­bées have become a suc­cessful, inter­na­tio­nal pro­duct in the past years – not just in Europe. Today, the tar­tes are also app­re­cia­ted in Asia, Aus­tra­lia, Africa and Ame­rica, and are often given a regio­nal spin. The cate­ring sec­tor in par­ti­cu­lar has incre­asingly reco­g­nised the poten­tial of our tarte flam­bées as a quick and easy source of reve­nue. And as Gusto Pala­tino has been the ideal part­ner for the food ser­vice indus­try since day one, we have con­tri­bu­ted con­sider­a­bly to this tri­umph. Not just because of our pre­mium qua­lity and deli­very relia­bi­lity – even for large quan­ti­ties – but first and fore­most because we under­stand the dif­fe­rent needs of restau­rants and hotels, of sys­tem and mass cate­ring. After all, there’s a reason why today, we are more pre­sent in inter­na­tio­nal are­nas than ever before.

Ready-made premium quality, packaged in your design, suitable for retail

So what makes our tarte flam­bée spe­cia­li­ties the ideal retail pro­duct? The ans­wer is quite simple: the incre­di­ble num­ber of pos­si­ble varia­ti­ons. Our bases can be adapted to meet coun­try-spe­ci­fic needs, whilst top­ping varia­ti­ons are limit­less in the truest sense of the word. We can also design our tarte flam­bées and bases as an indi­vi­dual brand or chain store-spe­ci­fic in-house brand, and pro­duce them along with prin­ted labels and pack­a­ging in accordance to cus­to­mer requi­re­ments. Whe­ther fresh goods or in pre­mium fro­zen qua­lity, we offer our part­ners the oppor­tu­nity to imple­ment their indi­vi­dual con­cepts for their respec­tive assortments.

System catering benefits from the quick and easy preparation and scalable quantity of tarte flambées

In sys­tem cate­ring, dyna­mics are the be all and end all. At peak times, cate­rers need to be able to ramp up food pre­pa­ra­tion quickly and easily. And wit­hout a loss in qua­lity, of course. Our tarte flam­bée bases are ideal for this, as are our ready-made fro­zen tarte flam­bées. Highly fle­xi­ble, easy to prepare and with long shelf-lives, our pro­ducts have prac­ti­cally ever­y­thing it takes to ide­ally sup­port very dif­fe­rent con­cepts in sys­tem cate­ring. Whe­ther you use them to make your own crea­ti­ons, for cate­ring out­side of regu­lar meal times or to pro­cess large streams of visi­tors – we offer the ideal solu­tion for your every sys­tem cate­ring need, in line with your mar­ke­ting stra­tegy, kit­chen pro­ces­ses and guest structure.

In mass catering, the demand for light and flexible foods that provide a culinary experience is on the rise

Mass cate­ring is under­go­ing change. Fle­xi­ble working hours and mobile solu­ti­ons allow more and more employees to deter­mine when and where they want to eat. At the same time, guests crave expe­ri­en­ces and incre­asingly look for light, modern offers. And those can be very dif­fe­rent: regio­nal, exo­tic, vege­ta­rian and vegan as well as tra­di­tio­nal. With their easy-to-make, fresh top­pings, our tarte flam­bée bases in par­ti­cu­lar offer enti­rely new pre­sen­ta­tion oppor­tu­ni­ties in mass catering.

Howe­ver, the offer is not the only bene­fit; the kit­chen pro­cess is, too. Our tarte flam­bée bases help opti­mise time and cost cal­cu­la­ti­ons, as do our ready-made fro­zen tarte flam­bées. Both can be pre­pared quickly and based on need as main meals or snacks, and require low per­son­nel resour­ces. This also pre­vents excess and kit­chen waste, which in turn has a posi­tive impact on sus­taina­bi­lity and zero waste con­cepts. The clean label prin­ci­ples – a key com­po­nent of our cor­po­rate phi­lo­so­phy at Gusto Pala­tino – sup­ports the trust guests have in the kit­chen team.