Flammkuchen: delight and experience since more than 100 years!

The Alsatian farmers developed their own method to find the correct oven temperature to bake the weekly breads. They rolled out a thin piece of dough and topped it with cream. The oven was hot enough to bake the bread, if the “cream cake” was ready within 2-3 minutes.

As this snack was consumed mostly immediately after baking, the topping was gradually refined through bacon and onions. The typical Alsatian Flammkuchen, which today is the model for “high-class Flammkuchen” of Gusto Palatino, was born.

In the Alsace, Flammkuchen is traditionally enjoyed in a sociable round. Even today, this tradition, which is over 100 years old, makes out of the authentic pleasure a special experience as well. When they are ready, fresh out of the oven, Flammkuchen, called “tartes flambées” in Alsace, are served on a plain wooden board. One eats them with the fingers, quite uncomplicated.

Flammkuchen and Flammkuchen bases are the perfect basis for various flavours from tasty to sweet!

Really tasty or seductively sweet – thanks to the numerous topping varieties you can create, Flammkuchen and Flammkuchen bases are the perfect dishes you can serve with a glass of wine or a fresh beer, or even with a schnapps at the end of the meal.

The right Flammkuchen base is decisive for the enjoyment. It has to be baked thin and crispy, so that the toppings remain stable. Gusto Palatino’s high-class Flammkuchen are made according to the traditional Alsatian recipe. Top quality ingredients are the “crispy” basis of the worldwide success! Today, gourmets can fulfil their wishes at Gusto Palatino and simply enjoy the French way of life. Bon appétit!