Quality Flammkuchen from Gusto Palatino: talked about world wide and are abel to meet nearly all customer requirements

“Quality Flammkuchen” by Gusto Palatino are the touchstone worldwide when defining authentic Flammkuchen and Flammkuchen-bases. Most modern production processes and accordance with the traditional Alsatian Type recipe ideally complement eachother.

High-quality raw materials from selected and personally known suppliers build the base for the commercial success.

In addition to the precise product range – which includes equipment and product trainings – Gusto Palatino offers a high level of creativity to its customers worldwide concerning shape and taste. Also, the product development of the manufacturer orientates itself specifically by the requirements of professional users and resellers.

“High-Quality Flammkuchen” for your worldwide commercial success

To ensure that our competence concerning “high-class Flammkuchen” is profitable for our distributors, Gusto Palatino is already present throughout Europe as Flammkuchen manufacturer.

When growing into new markets, Gusto Palatino depends on the cooperation, know-how and expertice of long-term partners locally, which have the suitable reputation regarding “Quality Flammkuchen”.


If you are interested in a cooperation, please contact us at:
Frank Wambsganss or Lisa Chini

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