Progress, which is based on tradition

As the increasing demand reflects, authentic Flammkuchen consumption is a international developing trend.

With a current yearly production capacity of 30 million Flammkuchen and Flammkuchen-bases, Gusto Palatino positions itself as a high-class producer and leader for premium Flammkuchen. Partner is trade worldwide. The unique recipe for the success of Gusto Palatino is based on innovation and tradition: the identifying feature for Flammkuchen and Flammkuchen-bases “made by” Gusto Palatino is the crispy, paper-like, thin baked base.

As Flammkuchen manufacturer, high-class leader and trade partner we offer a worldwide unique competence!

With two very modern production locations, the enterprise which was founded in 2006 – only pitch away from Alsace, in the middle of the nature park „Palatian Forest and North Vosges“ – bakes quality Flammkuchen specialities with finesse and passion which treat heart and taste of millions of savorers worldwide.

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